If you had a band and it had to be named after a font, which one would you choose?

Today, my friend Ted posed a question to a few people via email...
"If you had a band and it had to be named after a font, which one would you choose?"

Needless to say, some interesting responses ensued. To answer his own question, Ted shared that he chose Raavi...
It's got a singer songwriter sort of feel to it. Tortured, yet lighthearted. Sure it's acoustic, but I had a couple CDs that were a bit more experimental. My base audience was very turned off by it because they said I was selling out. Which wasn't true. I just wanted to try something different. Plus, a mother scratcher has to pay the bills. So I got a couple commercial jingles, lay off.

Next, someone chose Courier...
It's just me and a friend and our second-hand Moogs.  He programmed drum tracks and I over-dubbed etherial synth loops.  We played a couple shows at the Hardback Cafe in downtown Gainesville in the early 90s and now the only proof we ever existed is on the Gainesvillebands.com website and someone posted a couple photos to FaceBook.  Sample lyrics:

Wir fahren Autos
We drive real far
Wir Fahren Autos
Am Nacht mas klar

People couldn't figure out whether or not they were supposed to clap at the ends of songs and we broke up over artistic differences.

Then, the next guy chose Franklin Gothic Medium...
It's more of a spoken-word show. I end every show sitting on a stool with my back to the audience, weeping quietly.

Next, my response was Shruti
The Shrutis is a chick-only (mostly), banghra-influenced, alternative, emotionally-driven hip-hop band that features South Indian female go-go dancers and Ted.  Popular first on the Bombay and Tunisian club circuits and discovered and made popular by DJ Claude Challe who featured them in his Buddha Bar collection and invited them to perform in his sold-out 50,000 plus audience shows and events in Paris, Bombay, and NYC.

They currently travel all around the world — Sydney, NYC, Paris, Singapore, San Fran, and Bombay — and bless club goers and gay pride events with their hawt, sexy, and delicious presence while stashing away their millions for a rainy day (or when they turn 40 and are not hot enough to be wildly popular).

Can I get a ‘What?  What?’

Next, this guy I don’t know but who totally rocks chimed in with his band, Rotis Semi Sans Bold
We’re a progressive Math Rock collective. Think Sigur Ros meets Radiohead with a dash of Screeching Weasel. We have a strong anarchic vibe and spend a lot of time mocking Coldplay at our shows, though lately we’ve chosen to not speak to the audience at all and act aloof towards anyone who displays interest in us. We’re completely misunderstood and totally better than you.

And finally, someone I don’t know but wish to meet said that her band would be Estrangelo Edessa
I’m a Latin/R&B pop star who begins and ends each of my songs by whispering over-dramatic lyrics like “To love you, I’d drown my Chihuahua” in Spanish. My music is ideal for Rumba dancing and Telenovella love scenes. I have a super-hot girlfriend who plays professional ping pong - although she isn’t very good - and she’s madly in love with me in spite of my questionable sexuality and impossible large goiter.

Kudos to Ted for asking such an awesome question.  Feel free to share your own answer in the comments!