Sometimes, one just needs to sit on a beach I guess.

I'm sitting on a beach under a fancy tent that my lovely traveling companion insisted we bring. I've avoided sitting on beaches for years because sitting directly in the sun for too long (without shelter) stresses me out. Turns out, all I ever needed was a beach tent. There was no need to avoid this beautiful, relaxing natural space. I'm forever changed. I'm sure there's a life lesson somewhere in this revelation.

Coming to the beach in January is a bit risky, as one is never sure what the weather will be like. As a Floridian, I've got my swimsuit on but am wearing long pants and long sleeves over it. The northerners are swimming. "No worries," they say. "It feels lovely." Perspective, I guess.

I'm not too far from home, but I'm far enough away to recognize the beauty of beach vacations and how renewing it can feel to just let go and let the current take you where you're meant to go. Hearing the waves crashing instantly puts my wandering mind at ease. The hungry seagull is hopeful that I will leave my half-eaten sandwich on the picnic table for him. If you're lucky like I was- you might see a dolphin swim by. You also might catch a rogue frisbee from a young couple before it hits the water. Whatever goes at the beach. Whether you're on the Gulf, the Atlantic or perhaps at the Indian ocean- it's the same; whatever goes. There's no big need to make too many plans; just let go and go with the flow. The wind is blowing. The waves are crashing. The sun is shining, and the people are smiling.

This isn't a bad way to spend the first few days of a New Year. Not bad at all.